Saragarhi Monument

Guru Nanak Gurdwara commissioned Black Country sculptor Luke Perry to develop the Saragarhi Monument on land close to the temple in Well Lane. City of Wolverhampton Council has agreed to the transfer of land for the statue.

Images of a clay model of the statue give a first impression of how the landmark memorial will look. Over the coming months, the model will be painted in wax and then cast in bronze. The completed statue will stand at 10 feet tall and will be officially unveiled in September next year.

Representatives from the Gurdwara approached the council with their plans for the statue which will commemorate the Battle of Saragarhi, a conflict which took place on 12 September,1897. The conflict saw 21 soldiers from the 36th Sikh Regiment of the British Indian Army fight against thousands of Afghan tribesmen.

This monument is to commemorate the 21 brave Sikh soldiers and 1 Muslim cook as part of the 36th (Sikh) Regiment who held off over 12,000’s to 24,000 Orakzai and Afridi (Afghani) Tribesmen during the British Raj. Known as the last-stand battle on 12th September 1897.

It was a battle of honour as the tribesmen planned to take over 3 forts that were part of the Sikh Raj under Maharaj Ranjit Singh. Their aim to take over and destroy Saragarhi and turn their attentions to Fort Gulistan and Fort Lockhart. As the tribesmen surrounded and no re-inforcements the 36th Sikh Regiment Led by Havildar Ishar Singh set about their mission to defend until the last breath. ordering Sepoy Gurmuk Singh to signal to Colonel Haughton situated in Fort Lockhart of the attack. As part of the duties of their cook he was ordered nothing but to provide water to each and everyone in the battle as it unfolded and not just the Sikh soldiers.

Order Of Merit – The 21 Sikh soldiers were awarded the gallantry award Victoria Cross and is commemorated today by the British Army. The soldiers were from the Majha region of Punjab and were awarded the posthumously Indian Order of Merit which was the highest at the time.

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